The Ukraine. A Submerged Nation

"Throughout the book the names of Ukrainians and of Ukrainian cities, towns, places, etc. are spelled according to the Ukrainian pronunciation of them.

The Ukrainians are the most numerous people in Europe without a sovereign state form of organization. There are well over forty million Ukrainians in the world, over thirty-two million in the prewar Soviet Union, from five to six million in Poland (Polish and Ukrainian statistics arc contradictory), a million and a half or two million in Bessarabia, Bukovina, and the Carpathian eastern province of Czechoslovakia. There arc about a million Ukrainians in the United States, between three and four hundred thousand in Canada, a smaller number in South America.

There is a Ukrainian language, a Ukrainian culture, a Ukrainian historical tradition. Ukrainian folklore is rich and original and in more modern times there have been great Ukrainian authors and scholars, such as the national poet, Taras Shevchenko, the brilliant satirical novelist, Nikolai Gogol, the humane gifted storyteller, Vladimir Korolenko, who wrote in Russian, the leading Galician poet, novelist and scholar, Ivan Franko, the historian and nationalist political leader, Michael Hrushevsky. But efforts to organize an independent Ukraine, apart from the Kiev state that flourished in the tenth and clevcndi centuries and went down before the Mongol onslaught in the thirteenth, have always been frustrated.

The two periods when the dream of a Ukraine free from foreign rule were most nearly realized were in the middle of the seventeenth century, when Bohdan Khmelnitsky led his fierce rebellion of the Ukrainian Kozaks and peasants against Polish rule and in the years immediately after the end of the First World War". (W.H. Chamberlin)

Додаткова інформація

  • Перегляд:
  • Тематика: Історія
  • Дата: 1944
  • Місце зберігання: Бібліотека Архіву ОУН в УІС - Лондон
  • Інвентарний номер: 218
  • Автор/укладач: Chamberlin W.H.
  • Місце: New-York
  • Видавництво: The Macmillan company
  • Кількість сторінок: 91
  • Наявність цифрової копії: Так
  • Фізичний стан: Задовільний
  • Спосіб створення: Друк
  • Спосіб відтворення: Оригінал
  • Колекції
  • Газети
  • Книги
  • Журнали
  • Неперіодичні видання
  • Рукописи, машинописи
  • Альманахи

Про нас

The Ukrainian Information Service (UIS London) is an information bureau established in London during the 1970s as the successor of the Ukrainian Publishers. Originally, the aim of UIS London was the dissemination of factual information about Ukraine, in particular, Ukrainian politics, history and current affairs.

Since its inception, UIS London has liaised with government officials, think tank organisations, the mass media and charities working to raise the profile of Ukraine in the UK and strengthening bilateral relations.

The collection of documents, related to this activity, formed the foundations of the archives, situated on this web-site.

Although the nature of work UIS London undertook altered after Ukrainian independence, the basic tenets of promoting, advocating and strengthening Ukraine has remained.

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